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Arran Poets and Poetry

View from Whiterock; linoprint ( Josephine Broekhuizen)

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Arran Poetry and Arran Poets is a website dedicated to the showcasing of poets living and working on the isle of Arran in the Firth of Clyde off Scotland's West Coast.The island has a vigorous poetry scene with various events planned throughout the year. The Arran poets are happy to be affiliated with the Arran Theatre and Arts Trust that administers the annual Mclellan Festival of the arts.
This site hopes to present the work of individual writers and group events. It is hoped that by clicking on individual names you will get a chance to read some of that writer's poetry. The breadth and character of the works on this site are impressive. Because the poets live on an island does not mean they have a cloistered or island mentality. The subjects are wide ranging; the styles too.
Most of the island poets know one another and are used to performing in one another's company. Other pages on the site will show a calendar of up and coming events, links to past events that have been recorded in one form or another and links to other writers' groups with whom Arran Poets has had connections. And while poetry will be the main focus of the site this site will of course announce any new prose or theatrical works by resident writers. It will also link to essential visual arts events on the island like the Arran Open Studios.
But primarily this is a site for poetry-lovers.
We hope you will enjoy the content and that it might make you curious to find out more about our exciting small but perfectly formed literary scene.  

This site is currently under construction; further poems will be added soon. Visitors are asked to be patient while the site is populated. 


Shelagh Collins
Malcolm Ritchie

...to be augmented

sunset over Arran

Last year’s furrows


Last year’s furrows trap the cold

stubborn snow refuses to melt,

the sun so low it cannot flow

into the mauve and umber hollows,

the white lanes remain

cross-hatching the landscape


and I find I venerate the cold

that refutes the melt,

I glorify the pale sun’s

reluctant and shallow passage

and breathe the alchemy of tillage

physics and season

until the stone in me

seeks a tussock on which to lie

and contain the frost.


Tim Pomeroy 

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